onsdag 4 januari 2012

Shot down in a blaze of glory

So ok, new year, new posts, new projects. Hey, what's up with the language, BTW? Well, when I started this blog it was mainly for my own sake, to give myself a bit more incentive to finish stuff. Also it was for my Swedish gaming mates that live in another town so they could see what I was up to. But recently I have realized that I have readers from all over the globe, and that the non-swedes outnumber the swedes. I'm flattered. At first I thought that heck, online translations are quite good, and anyway most of you come here for the pictures. But why not write in English? The errors I make are hopefully fewer than the online translation programs make. At least I hope so. Any thoughts from you, my esteemed readers?

But enough of that, on to the pictures! I just completed the Revell Focke Wulf I started for the wings speed-build over at  the Wargamer's Guild forum and I thought you'd like to see it. I wanted to model the plane as emergency landed to be able to use it as a terrain piece for gaming. Either to break up lines of sight across an empty field, or just to bring some variation to the gameing table.

Poor little downed wolf, all shot up full with holes.

Well the pilot was able to walk from the wreckage, so the landing has to be classed as successful.

I wanted to give it an earthy, dusty look, as if it had plowed into the ground.

One of the landing gears failed to deploy, hence the rough landing.

A Games Workshop large blast template was used for the base.

Notice how the propeller has churned up a lot of dirt.

The kit was full of tiny decals like the red cross symbol for the first aid kit. I only used a handful of them.

The paint scheme and markings was more inspired by the two variants suggested in the kit.
Until next time. Take care.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Jolly good painting, old chum!
    I feel sorry for the poor FW190 though. It ws always my favorite plane.

  2. Wonderful and atmospheric modelling, Laffee. And hey, I can read your post :) Whatever language, it still looks tremendous.

  3. Excellent model/ the bullet holes.

  4. It looks fantastic. Brilliant idea too.


  5. Nice diorama, I guess we will see it in action soon.
    Welcome to blogging in English. It does wonders to the numbers of hits.

  6. Looks super! The thing that scares me is that the assembly post seemed to be such a short while ago...

  7. Looks brilliant. Now do one in the desert.

  8. What a fantastic terrain piece, it looks great!


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