onsdag 25 april 2018

What a Tanker accessories

They say when it rains it pours. Only two days after I received Blood Red Skies, What a Tanker arrived in my mailbox with a resounding thud. If you haven't been around, What a Tanker is Too Fat Lardies' answer to the Tanks game that was released about a year ago.

There's a German tank with the commander in the open hatch on both covers. The similarities end there.

To be fair, the Lardies' game has been in development for quite some time so is not inspired or trying to take market shares from Gale Force 9 or anything. While both games are "Tank skirmish" games the former is a fun and furious romp which simulates the difficulties of coordinating your tank crew, while the latter is an excuse to sell more toys. It's quite fun I hear, but I've never played it since it played a bit too fast and loose with realism for my tastes. Anyways, I've been busy reading the rules, painting tanks (and buying some new ones) and generally trying to get some toys ready for play.

A Rubicon M10, Warlord (Italeri) Churchill... and... something completely different.
A funny thing I realised was that undercoating British vehicles and Nurgle models used almost the exact same colours. All those muted pale greens are perfect for military models too.

After a black wash to tone down the necrotic flesh basecoat, I used Death Guard Green as highlights.
Naturally, me being me, I got bored with painting tanks and decided to finish a German MG team that had been on my painting table a couple of months now.

At least they are finished now.
On the What A Tanker facebook group a chap showed off his MDF laser cut dashboard for WaT, and I thought "By golly, I gotta get me one of those." It turned out the chap operates the DarkOps store, who happens to feature some very nice MDF terrain kits of different flavours too.

See the happy chap. See the nifty dashboard. Well done DarkOps chap!

So today another thud was heard from the mailbox and lo an behold, there was a lump of MDF inside it. Like a starved pitbull I teared the cover from the package to reveal the treasures inside.

Naturally, I couldn't just order a dashboard, I just had to order a house as well. More terrain!

All the parts for the dashboard. It has little sliders and wheels you can turn to mark various statuses.

All the parts for the house... except the base. That's a lot of MDF.

....and the base for the house.
I was surprised of the amount of MDF included. There are both inner and outer wall details and it's possible to make the doors open and close. Quite a good value for £19. What's not included though is instructions, neither for the house nor the dashboard, but I think I will be able to figure it out.

Happy gaming!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Dashboards are fun! Let us know how you like the game, I have seen some mixed reviews so far (like nearly all lardies games!)

    1. Still haven't had the time to play a game. My game table is also my painting table which also is the dining room table! Right now it's occupied with various tanks and scenery kits...

  2. Brilliant!

    It's definitely a good time to be a Wargamer, I reckon!

  3. The WaT-game I've played so far was fantastic. One of the best games I've had, actually. A highly recommended rules-set!

    1. Will have to force the kids to play someday...


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