tisdag 10 oktober 2017

A mousterious package arrives...

So this package landed on my doorstep. Or in my mailbox, but you get the meaning.

Nice little Thank you sticker inside the lid, and lots of bubble wrap! Weeee!
It turned out to be that Oathsworn Burrows and Badgers kickstarter I backed. Oathsworn did a royal screw-up and delivered all the stuff one month before the planned completion date. Those guys must be amateurs. (Real pros like Flying Frog Production let their customers wait more than three years for their stuff.)

But what's inside?
"Burrows and Badgers?" I hear you say, "Wazzat?"

Well, It's a game featuring anthropomorphic animals, mostly different kinds of rodents but with the occasional fox or raven thrown in for good measure. I'm not into furry things really, but I have backed a couple of Oathsworn's previous kickstarters, most notably the "Heroines in sensible shoes" range, but also their Dwarven Brewers (sadly unavailable now). So I like their style and their business ethos, and each kickstarter has featured a couple of resin freebies. Their previous kickstarter was also for Burrows and Badgers, but had a bigger terrain piece as an extra (more about that further down). So this time I mostly backed for the resin terrain. One cannot have too much terrain really.

(Apologies for the bad photos, it's hard to photograph white resin.)

First the freebies, a pewter coin and a mousling monk.

I added some scatter terrain; a well, a chopping block and a cauldron of... bubbles, toil and trouble?

I also added this rat warrior from their regular B&B range that turned out to be huge.

Now for the main course; the mousling house! Cute! It will work equally well as a gnome or hobbit house.

Rear window...

...and kitchen entrance.
While photographing the stuff I realised I never put the previous stuff up on my blog, so I dug them out in all their pristine unpainted glory.

The arcane circle I got with the Senible Shoes 2 kickstarter.

The top of the stone circle has a cutout for three different insets. Here's the arcane symbols one.

All three; bubbling pit of something (stew, lava?), ancient stone altar, and the arcane symbols.

Also included were eight standing stones spelling out "Oathsworn" in runes. (I know they are the wrong order in the pic!)

Those freebies were a mouse scribe and a mole. The treasure chest is from Sensible Shoes 2 I think...
Some comparison shots for size. And I have no idea why a lot of the pics are tilted...

Big rat with the cauldron and a Frostgrave soldier.

One of the first Heroines in sensible shoes and the frostgrave soldier check out the mouse house.

That ancient circle is big.
As I said, I like terrain. I don't think you can have too much of it, as long as it isn't allt he same. That mouse house will bring a certain flavour to the table and be a nice change from the regular ruins or Warhammer style houses I have. The arcane circle is a nice centerpiece objective and the three different infills can be used to provide variety and can even be used on their own. The standing stones can be used one or two to bring some mystical air to a forest or in a circle as place of power or an objective too. Lastly the well, chopping block and cauldron are all nice pieces of scatter terrain to bring that "lived in" feeling to the gaming table, wether I'm playing Warhammer, Frostgrave or Open Combat.

In case you feel inspired to get some of your own they are all available at Oathsworn. And in case you want to know more about the Burrows and Badgers game you can download the rules at

Happy gaming!

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  1. That arcane circle looks great, as does the mousling house.
    I'm fully with you on "one can't have too much unpainted terrain" :)

    1. Oh ye of little faith. Some day I will do a shit-load of terrain at the same time. I find that in this way they all match in style.

    2. :-)
      That's what we all say...


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