onsdag 24 augusti 2016

Lots of loot! Part one: The Dice Bag Lady delivers!

At the beginning of the summer Koen put in an order from the Dice Bag Lady for some of her female soviet figures, and I joined in to save postage. Because of reasons (life, the universe and everything) we didn't manage a hand-over until just recently. 

Anyway, not wanting to start a full-blown Soviet force, I bought a pack of tank riders and a sniper team. Since I have an Italeri Sherman that is the wrong version for my brits I'm thinking of painting it up as soviet and making a diorama out of it.

DiceBagLady soviet female tank riders.

Kneeling Sniper team.

The sculpting on these figures are excellent, the style reminiscent of the Perrys. I believe they are sculpted by Alan Marsh, but I'm not sure. While there are hardly any mould lines there are some small pits in the surface of the miniatures, and a couple of spots where there are small holes even. The standing tank rider has one on her left knee and in the right shoulder, both visible as dark spots in the picture above. These are however minor quibbles and easily fixed with some green stuff. As far as I know nobody has done any female soviet combat troops in 28mm before. Highly recommended, and to boot Annie (the Dice Bag Lady) is a much needed personality in our far too male-centric hobby with her realistic believable female miniature lines. Go check them out!

While waiting for a free spot in mine and Koen's calendars to coincide I couldn't resist ordering some fantasy miniatures from Annie. She does her own line of female fantasy figures as well as stocking other manufacturers' stuff. I'm planning to use them all in Open Combat, although having a good mix of generic fantasy figures is never bad.
Adira, Dark Champion. Definitely identifiable as female, but without the boob plate.
First up is Adira, Dark Champion sculpted by Tim Prow. If you didn't know, Tim Prow is responsible for the Diehard Miniatures kickstarter earlier this year. (There's a new kickstarter coming in october by the way, check their facebook page for updates!) He has also sculpted some of the figures in the Pantheon of Chaos kickstarter. As I backed both of them Adira will fit in quite well, and I like the thought of female warriors falling to Chaos as well. Lovely cast in resin with a choice of helmeted or bare head, as well as a choice between a hand holding an axe or a mawed tentacle for the right arm, she collects skulls for the skull throne of her god.

Squee: Female Orc Thief. But who is that standing beside her???
Because of Brexit and some wait for restocks the order did get a bit delayed, so Annie slipped a free figure into my package. This turned out to be Squee, an orc Thief. Does this mean I have to order the rest of he female orc to form an orc band, or can she accompany my Heroines in sensible shoes? Decisions, decisions...  Anyway, Squee is nicely sculpted with the dagger hand loose, wearing proper thief or assassin attire. She is barefoot for extra stealthiness.

Oh my. That is one big lady. Meet Sasha, Female Ogre Fighter.
Sasha is an Ogre and a lot bigger than I expected. Armed with a big (huge) club she is well equipped for adventuring with a backpack, suitable armour and very sensible boots. I'm not sure if she's wearing a skirt or a very long tunic, I will se when I paint her what looks best. So if your Frostgrave or Open Combat warband needs some muscles, look no further. There is also an old crone and an ogre oracle with child available if you need more ogres.

Ted: Savage Hound
Lastly I ordered this beast of a hound. I think Adira or perhaps Sasha will get him as a pet. All in all the resin figures are slightly better cast than the metal figures, but all are lovely sculpts and very unusal subjects.

I also wanted to try out some Reaper Bones, so I ordered a mixed trio, with some thought of getting wizards also useable for frostgrave. And open combat, of course.
Tim the Enchanter, or  Leisynn, Mercenary Mage as Reaper calls him. I will call him Tim. 

Ursula, Dwarven Bear Rider
Not very distinct facial features....

Terezinya, Bonepander Wizard 
Reaper Bones are plastic recasts of their metal ranges. They do lack some details but are of course cheaper, much cheaper in fact. Of the three, Terezina was the only one with any flash. Both Leisynn and Ursula had bent weapons, which I didn't manage to bend back despite dipping them in hot water and then straightening the weapons before dipping them in cold water. At room temperature they slowly returned to their bent shape. Not so bad in Leisynn's case, maybe his wand is bent, but Ursula will be getting an axe instead. Ursula also had the softest details, her face was almost blank. The other two figures had quite ok details though.

Farm supplies, Hay bales with chickens, a trough of water and sakce, some barrels and food stuff.

A pile of hay, a food trough, a manure pile and two ugly looking pigs.
Last but not least I wanted to try out Ristul's Market, a line of resin terrain items. Fantasy Pigs at farm caught my eye, as well as two fugly swine I would get a nice little bunch of scatter terrain items.The sculpting and casting are top notch, what can I say, they are really excellent stuff. I will definitely order some more, they have mushrooms, furniture, scarecrows, skulls, wings, walls and what-not.

I also got some kickstarter stuff, but I will put that in another post later. Happy gaming!

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  1. That is a impressive haul Leif!

    I love the tank chicks and pigs.

  2. Buying spree
    As if you don't have enough unpainted figs :-)

  3. The female Russians and the farm supplies look excellent, will be putting them on the shopping list.

    1. Yes, they really are. Ristul's market has some more stuff too.

  4. Very nice! I've been considering a Soviet force for Konflict 47, these should find their way into that force without problems...


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