söndag 12 juni 2016

Kickstarter loot! W00t!

The thing with kickstarters is that when they arrive you hardly remember what you ordered or even what kickstarter you backed! I do know some big campaigns have longer production times and some kickstarters get delayed, but it's starting to get to the point where every little scrap you get feels like a victory! I'm looking at you, Shadows of Brimstone with your "Wave 1.5 shipping" shenanigans.

It's almost like opening christmas presents, except you know it's not socks.
Well, a package slip arrived a couple of days a go but I didn't have time to pick up the parcel until saturday. So, what is in it?

It turned out to be The Diehard Miniatures kickstarter with some newly sculpted old skool inspired fantasy figures by Tim Prow. I didn't have the money to splurge on all of the loot, instead I choose five diverse subjects that I liked, that will fit nicely into a Frostgrave campaign or an Open Combat warband.

First up a skeletal knight. He's riddled with arrows but just won't stop.

A necromancer, complete with half-raised skeleton.

Goblin spellcaster... wizard... shaman or whatever you like to call him. Similar style to GW gobboes, but not as goofy,

Chaos Warrior, VERY reminiscent of the warrior on the box of the 1st edition Warhammer.
This one.

A chaos sorcerer, mutated and twisted. The piece on the right is part of the cloak billowing around his feet.

And finally three familiars: a cheeky goblin, herald boy and a rude imp.

All the castings are flawless. The metal looks pitted in some of the pictures above, but that's just me sqrewing around with the contrast to make the figures better visible, damn it's hard to photograph unpainted metal. Scalewise they are bigger than I thought, they will all need 25mm bases to fit, except for the familiars of course. (Their bases are about 20mm across.)

I believe the minis will be available to buy when all the kickstarter backers have got their figures, I heartily recommend them. I also know that Diehard miniatures will be doing another kickstarter later in the year, this time with figures looking like the old Slann from 1st and 2nd edition Warhammer. If you know your lore it was the Slann was a space fairing race that built the Warpgates in the Old World. Yes, frogs in space! When the Warp gates collapsed and let out chaos on the planet the Slann reverted back to a more primitive civilisation but was able to keep some of their high-tech weapons. Keep an eye on their facebook page to see a bunch of very tasty greens!

Happy gaming!

6 kommentarer:

  1. They look good. And I hear you about the KS - I'm sure I'm due stuff I've forgotten about...

    1. Nice blog you have there BTW, now following it.

  2. You kow, you can chuck in $120 to get that 1.5 wave... I'm with you there, not very good customer service, to say the least.
    I can buy some of the stuff from Alphaspel instead if I would want to

    1. I actually commented on the kickstarter page that I don't even remember what I would be getting and what extras I ordered, so I have no idea what I can buy and what I will be eventually, hopefully, be getting.

  3. Great looking figures with lots of character which I imagine will be a joy to paint.

    1. Yeah... in truth I'm a bit intimidated by them... want to do them justice.


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