fredag 20 maj 2016

Heroines in sensible shoes size comparison

Lasgunpacker asked to see comparison shots so I grabbed some figures I had lying about. No Age of Sigmar stuff though... I've put the Heroines on suitable bases to get them to stand on the same level as the other figures, some of which have integral bases, some have slottabases and some have both.

First the Warrior heroine next to a Frostgrave cultist, then a GW drunken dwarf and the Dwarf heroine, last the Elf Heroine next to a Frostgrave soldier. 
As you can see the Oathsworn figures are of a similar size but more realistically proportioned.
I also found this Hasslefree figure and couldn't resist putting him with the Soldier's Wife from Warlord Games and the freebie Villager.

"How can I get out of this!"
Apologies for the murky pictures!
Happy Gaming!

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  1. Thanks for posting those! It seems like the figures are a good height, but might be a bit slender as compared to the usual chunky figures out there. (which for women, might be a good thing too!)


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