söndag 30 augusti 2015

Picking low hanging fruit.

I have been kind of unfocused lately, not really being in the mood for painting stuff. They new Basis base pads were fun to use, but then I had to put some figures on them. And paint them!

Last week's project.
So I did, but it was more or less a forced project to be able to show off the bases. And it got more complicated than I had anticipated. But then I saw this video:

If you don't have time to watch it he speaks about picking low hanging fruit when your mojo is down. That is, when you feel your motivation drop, finish those nearly completed figures you have had lying for a while. It might not be projects you need to finish the most, but you will accomplish something, and it will feel good, hopefully getting your motivation back. And if it doesn't work, at least you have finished some figures.

In my case the low hanging fruit were some Mars Attacks figures I had started back in april when I bought the game. I tried out some paint schemes and then lost interest for some reason.

Go get them boys! Ooorah!
First some human soldiers. These were in some tan plastic which I left as it was, just painting some camoflague squibbles, green vests some details and then washed with Vallejo Umber Shade. The guns were painted gun metal and washed with Nuln Oil. Done!

Ak! Nack! Ak-ak! 
Next up the martians. I can't really remember exactly how I painted these, I did try some different shades of blue on them. The guy with the yellow boots and gloves is the squad leader.

This is Brandi. Why do I keep thinking it's Barbie?
Last is one of the human characters: Brandi. She's a cheerleader-esque blonde with an automatic pistol. If you think her eyes look empty it's because I couldn't be bothered to paint them. Her facial details are actually very petit and when I tried anything more advanced than basic wash and highlight she looked like the Joker in drag...

Nice... um... rear bumper...
So two of the marines were lacking camoflague and wash, the martians were waiting for some touch-ups and getting their eyes painted. Brandi, well let's just say she had too much make-up on and needed to get a face-wash. Easily done this morning, then they got sprayed with varnish and mounted on clear bases.

The whole gang together.
Not really pro-painted, but at least they are done to a good tabletop standard. I'm satisfied. Now, what other low hanging fruit do I have lying about?

14 kommentarer:

  1. It's too bad all my fruit is high above the ground. :)

  2. It's a pretty good tip to get your wheels rolling again. I guess I should try to follow that sometime as at the moment I have multiple different projects that are near complete, but just haven't received the love they deserve for quite some time. In their WIP state they just seem to kill all motivation as there seems to be too much on the table.

    1. Yeah, just looking at the part-painted hordes can be discouraging. Just pick something that's almost complete and do it!

  3. Nice one Leif. Thats a sound idea.

    I like Brandy...And Brandi!

  4. Going after the low hanging fruit is something all of us should remember to do... I (like many) have tons of partly finished figures that I lost motivation to work on, and it would be a comparatively simple thing to get th em done... too bad I like building so much more than painting.

    1. Yeah, I like building more than painting too...

  5. Sound advice - if only only all my fruit wasn't in storage 10,000 miles away!

  6. Good advice but I don't like certain fruit, nice work by the way!

  7. Good advice and nice work on the Martians. Time for a game soon, I think!

    1. What do you mean, game? Are you suggesting that we should use our figures for something?

      (Good idea.)


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