onsdag 15 juli 2015

The Empire's Finest apprehend terrorist scum...

I have finally finished another two characters and three stormtroopers for Imperial Assault. I still haven't got a game in, but I have five weeks of vacation coming up in a few days and have managed to buy all the extra figure supplements released so far. Now let's hope it rains a couple of days.

Our heroic troops have spotted terrorist intruders in a medical facility and take action! 
I had devised a plan for painting the stormtroopers quickly, using a white undercoat and a fine diluted black wash. The wash backfired and turned the white armour into grey dullness however, so I had to manually highlight all the armour back up to white.

The cowardly terrorists are caught and soon surrender,
The stormtroopers had quite a lot of mold lines that I had missed when I trimmed and undercoated them. Since the arm and leg armour pieces had some ridged details already I thought the mold lines were part of the design, but the wash showed all too well my errors, so I had to fix those as well.

"Freeze, rebel scum!"
After what felt like umpteen layers of white (I hate painting white) I gave the stormtroopers a gloss coat of varnish make them extra shiny. I mounted them on clear bases from Sally 4th as I did with the previous figures.

Another two for the detention cells. Lord Vader will be pleased.
Jynn Odan and Gideon Argus were painted as close to their character card art in the game as possible, hence the funky orange colours. I think I got the looks right although I didn't do the stripes on Jynn's trousers and the rank badge on Gideon's coat since their poses made those details a bit awkward to paint.

This terrorist is armed with a black market DH-17 blaster pistol.
The skin tone on Gideon's card is quite dark, although I don't think he is supposed to be african american (african alderaanian?) but rather have a middle eastern or indian skin tone. Anyway I did him noticably darken than Jynn, but it looks lighter than it is in the pictures. I love his facial expression by the way.

The other terrorist has an illegally modified BlasTech Industries DL-44 heavy blaster pistol
Jynn on the other hand had a really fine face with small eyes that were a real hassle to paint. I gave her blue-black hair to give it a different black shade to all the black leather she wears. Her jacket has some armour pieces that I couldn't decide if they were supposed to be shiny metal or white plasteel; in the end I painted them white and gave them a gloss coat like the Stormtroopers. Although I don't really like the pose, it's nice to have some female characters that are not sexualised.

May the Force be with you.

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  1. Nice painting; I like the bases as well. Clever backdrops for the photos!

  2. Very nice. I need to get a set of those transparent bases when I invest in this game.


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