söndag 8 mars 2015

Blogging is not painting

Ooops, nearly two weeks without an update. Well I've been busy, painting and visiting Stockholm for a work course, among other things.

The great Henry Hyde has some tips about blogging in his Battlegames magazine, which says you should update often and be brief. Well I'm just the opposite, I don't update if I don't feel I have something to say or show. And when I do, I can't keep it short. Anyway, lots of WIP stuff, but nothing finished, or rather, I have no photos of finished stuff, because that involves me getting the camera out, setting up the light booth, etc.

But I have a couple of things to show you. First work is progressing on the kubelwagen and captured carrier I wrote about earlier. They are about 90% done including crew, just small niggling stuff like details, some stowage and weather. No pictures though, except for this one.

Perry 28mm kübelwagen with Tamiya 1/48 scale jerry can.
You see, I decided I needed some extra stowage on my vehicles, and perhaps a couple of fuel drums and what not to make some Jump Off points with. (Jump Off points are sort of deployment markers for Chain of Command, marking points on the board where you can deploy your troops.) So I picked up a Tamiya Jerry Can Set in 1/48 from my local friendly hobby shop.

I went in to buy a Jerry Can set, nothing more. And look what followed me home.
I also, somehow, managed to pick up an armoured car, oh dear. I have no idea how that happened. It seems that the British forces will have a numerical superiority at the convention though, so the armoured car will come in handy.

German items on the left sprue, US items on the right sprue. The set contains TWO of each sprue.
Getting back to the Jerry Can set (trying to forget the armoured car) I wanted to confirm a suspicion I have had for a while so I assembled a couple of cans and barrels and did a comparison with the Perry kübelwagen (see first photo). And yep, the jerry can the Perry's have included are indeed 1/48 scale. I can't prove it, but it looks like they simply molded a Tamiya Jerry Can. Regarding the Tamiya set it includes two copies of two different sprues, each sprue holding either German or US equipment. It might not be a big difference, but the US Jerry cans have "US Army" stamped on them, and the backpacks and sacks are all different. So if you are picky use the correct sprue, if you are not then just mix and match and hope nobody pulls out a magnifying glass.

The Tamiya SdKfz 232 with some Perry DAK. Yeah, it does look big, but bigger is better, right?
So, I have earlier said I didn't want to use 1/48 scale vehicles with 28mm figures because I thought the size difference would be noticable. Weell... I might have changed my mind a bit. You see, I like building model kits. And I don't particularly like the quality of the Warlord resin stuff. And it was actually cheaper to buy at my local hobby shop (which I want to support because it's nice to have a local hobby shop at all!) than to order a Warlord model directly from them. Ok, it looks a bit on the larger side, but not too large like the SdKfz 222 I tried previously.

Wargames Foundry Raw Linen shade vs Games Workshop Nurgling Green
Lastly I have a tip; some people have asked me what green I use for my DAK; I just picked a green I happened to have and that I liked by chance. It turned out to be the base shade for one of the Wargames Foundry's paint triads; Raw Linen. I realise it can be a bit hard to get hold of, I think the only way is to order it directly from Wargames Foundry, so I have been looking for a suitable replacement which I found in Games Workshop's Nurgling Green. Nurgling Green is a tiny, tiny smittens lighter but it's the same "hue" or whatever the technical term is. After washing or drybrushing I'm sure it will look the same. (Hey, and you can use it to paint your Nurglings too!)

See, I can keep it short, can't I?

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  1. I agree with you on the blogging thing. Writing up a few sentences and posting a painting queue pic everyday doesn't seem very worthwhile to me.

    1/48 really is a great match to 28mm. Eventhough they are supposed to be 1/56 in scale most wargames figures are on the larger side and probably a lot closer to 1/48 than to 1/56. Even with the smaller Perry minis the difference is quite minimal. Cheaper kits with higher quality are always a plus :) Though quite a bit more thin parts that are easily broken off during gaming.

    1. Yeah it's weird. The Perry figures have the same size heads and hands as Tamiya 1/48 figures, but have shorter legs, arms and bodies. The bodies are the same girth though. Both are slimmer than for example Warlords plastic figures.

      Tamiya kits cost generally less than their Resin counterparts, but the Tamiya figure sets are very expensive, often you get around 10-12 figures with half being non-combat poses for the same price as a box of 25 or 30 (or even 36!) figures from Warlord Games or Perry Miniatures.

      I actually had a mind to start gaming in 1/48 completely, but the cost of the figures put me off.

  2. Good stuff. Looks like we'll have a rather nice selection of stuff at GothCon.

  3. It's really bizarre: 1/48 vehicles are significantly larger than the standard resin or plastic from Warlord, etc; however the figures are, on the contrary, noticeable smaller than the average Artizan, Crusader, etc.
    We have decided only to use 1/48 models of cars atc, but not military vehicles.

  4. Do you think that the Tamiya 1/48 jerry cans would work well with Warhammer 40k?

    I could use some cans and barrels, but you don't get that many with the GW Battle Field Debris set.

    1. Absolutely. They might even look a bit small, if you use them for Space Marines or something like that. For Imperial Guard they should look perfect.


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