söndag 15 september 2013

You've got red on you.

I've been busy with all things life (work, kids, non-miniature related fun stuff and just plain boring stuff), but I have plodded along with the Caproni I started earlier. All the major sub-assemblies (wings, interior bits etc.) are done, but I have to paint the interior before assembling them. Curse the designer who put so many windows on the cursed airplane.

So when the Guild of Wargamers announced a Speed build with the theme Red I jumped at the chance of doing something different. I decided to paint up one of the Killa-kans I bought off a friend in a bright red sceheme.

"You've got red on you"

It was quite a straightforward job of basecoat, drybrush, pick out the metal bits, drybrush edges with more metal and wash. But somehow I wasn't satisfied and decided I needed to tart it up a bit. Then I got the brilliant idea to do some gore on the drill, as if the Killa-Kan hade waded through a bunch of soft and squishy hoomies.

When I gored up the drill I was reminded of when you make a smoothie and pull the mixer out too soon; the spinning blades fling globs of mashed fruit all over you and the kitchen, so I put globs of gore on the left side of the Kan, on most of the spikes and some on the ground.

C'm'ere you, I have a tip for you. Get the point?
I put some bits from the 40k basing kit on the base and covered the rest with Tamiya Soil Effect textured paint.

Paints used:

  • Basecoat GW Mephiston Red
  • Highlight Vallejo Gory Red and VJ Gory Red mixed with some VJ Sunny Skin Tone. This makes a lighter red that isn't pink or orange.
  • Engine and pistons were painted Coat d'Arms Magic Metal and highlighted with GW Auric Armour Gold.
  • GW Ironbreaker were painted on the drill and missiles, as well as all the spiky bits and some other details like cables, grates, parts of the engine, joints and similar. I also drybrushed all the edges to make a worn look.
  • The iron parts were washed with GW Nuln Oil while the red and gold parts were washed with VJ Umber shade. This is like the old GW Devlan Mud, just a little bit more concentrated.
  • The gore was made by mixing VJ Gory Red with acrylic resin from MIG productions. Normally used with pigments to mix mud it can of course be used with any acrylic paint or pigments. It shrinks a little bit when drying so apply a little more than you think you need. I had a nice drip effect going from some of the spikes that almost disappeared.
  • The base was painted GW Khemri Brown and then drybrushed with GW Dheneb Stone.

Nice rear!

One of the basing kit bits.
The Emperor sheds a tear for every Space Marine that falls. Let the weeping begin!
Speaking of Orks, I ordered some figures from a polish company called Kromlech. They have specialised in resin bits that fit the GW plastic models, but has recently began to sculpt whole figures. The quality is outstanding, sculpting is on par with GW and the casting is better than Finecast. On the whole they rival Forgeworld. I will show you more later, but leave you with this little teaser.

A Kromlech Ork Commissar.
Just look at the details.

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