tisdag 9 april 2013

A plague a' both your houses!

No, I'm not doing figures for Romeo and Juliet despite the quote being from that play. I just love the play and the line and thought it fitting. (But now that I think about it it would be cool to have Romeo and Juliet figures in Tilean clothes for Warhammer).

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Not!

As I just finished the three carriers I was keen on doing something different to avoid another WW2 burnout again, and a trip to my FLGS saw me come back with this Chosen Chaos Space Marine Champion.

The figure is one of the new computer-sculpted plastic kits with a custom base included on the sprue.

I sploded!
Sorry about the poor picture quality above. I still think you can make out the various parts. What makes this guy chosen is the leering daemon heads and faces sticking out through his armour. The parts are cleverly designed to give the best 3D representation possible, and I think they really succeed. He's armed with a power axe and a combat knife and a combi bolter/melta gun is chained to his backpack.
Deciding what is armour and what is daemon flesh is hard...
There is nothing particularly Nurgle-esque about the sculpt but I wanted to try painting him in Nurgle colours anyway to see how it would come out. After a basecoat of black I wetbrushed Tamiya Olive Drab all over. This was then followed by a drybrush of Iyanden Darksun, concentrating on the upper parts of the figure. Last I did the trims and his facemask in Tin Bitz (now available from Coat d'Arms as Magic Metal). The hard part now is deciding on how to paint the rest of all the ornaments and extra, ahem, bits.

Everybody in the house say Yo!
I also started to paint a regular Plague Marine the same way. This one is a regular champion as he has a power fist which he is making gangsta signs with.

But don't worry. I have started a new WW2 kit as well, which I will tell you about later.

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