fredag 7 december 2012

Buckets of excrement!

Hi gang!

Todays small post concerns a very amusing thing I noted when I was clipping out and glueing all the stuff from GW's The Hobbit: Escape from Goblin Town set.

The game in question. (Picture courtesy of Games Workshop.)
Since it might constitute a mild spoiler for the Hobbit movie premiering in about a week (I got tickets, yay!) I will put the rest behind the break. Click to find out more, if you dare!

There I was, happily clipping plastic, the smell of glue filling my head with grand visions of the amount of gaming I would be able to get in, when I noticed a very strange piece. I couldn't really figure out what it was for but I surmised it was for the Goblin King's throne.

The Goblin King's throne
The throne is quite large, to accomodate the Goblin King which is an immense figure. The throne is made of and old, presumably man-made, piece of wood carved with figures and shapes, lashed to a big rock. Some pillows and cushions are piled into a corner on the make-shift seat.

Hang on, what's that?
But there is a hole in the seat, right in the middle. And located just underneath the hole is a... bucket... of excrement? Yep, a big pile of hot stinking poo, but in plastic. The Goblin King's throne is also his toilet! Beside the bucket -- or barrel rather -- is a pile of bones and what I think is intestines. It's quite grisly and some of the excrements have spilled from the overflowing barrel. Holy crap (pun intended)!


Now GW do have a dark sense of humour, but I think this is too much even for them to come up with by themselves. I suspect the fault is entirely Peter Jackson's who I know has a very twisted mind. One can only imagine the hapless sculptor looking at the concept art and slowly realising just what he has to sculpt... but wait, there's more!

The goblin scribe
Also included in the box set is a diminutive goblin perched on a swing of some sort, holding a quill and a paper. He's called the goblin scribe and I imagine serves as some kind of protocol droid, eh, goblin. The image of C-3PO and Jabba the hutt springs to mind, actually. The goblin's legs are shrunken and atrophied, as if he has spent most of his life sitting in that swing, or perhaps he's sitting in the swing because his legs are stunted? It doesn't matter, what matters is what is hanging under him. Yep, you guessed it, it's a bucket full of shit. And yes, there is a small hole in the bottom of the plank he's sitting on...

I'm actually looking even more forward to the movie now.

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  1. Thats... quite some weird shit. Hah! Whats your opinion on the sculpts quality? The price tag is a joke all by itself considering how cheap the 40k box is. I guess the name is a bit pricey though.

    1. From what I've heard the license is much more costly now that Warner brothers is involved, and those costs get passed on to the customers, at least partly.

      The standard of sculpting on the figures is very high, some very fine details and quite ingenious construction on some of the figures. Yet there are some letdowns which really is because of the limits of plastic; some areas are not as detailed as they could have been in metal or resin and the style sort of feels soft. However these areas are mostly hidden away, GW have done a great job in planning the sprues.

      Another good thing is the number of poses; you get an individual sculpt for each dwarf, Gandalf and Bilbo of course. There's a Goblin captain and some sort of Goblin named character with a whip, and the Goblin king. Then there are 36 regular goblins, which constist of 18 individual sculpts on a sprue (so you get two sprues).

      Wether you wish to spend so much money on the set is another question, for me it was definitely on the verge of being too expensive. But hey, it's christmas soon.

  2. Just had a look at the new Warg riders on the GW website. Time to start saving up my pennies. Eh, and figure out what the hell I would do with six more Cav when I already have more than I'll ever need for a Dux Gondorum campaign.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, I look forward to making a start on my own boxed set.

  4. Great steaming piles oF ordure! That takes scatalogy down to new levels - or perhaps to use Mr Tolkien's Dwarvish nomenclature: 'deeps'. Far out.
    I enjoy this - for me - newly discovered blogspot, Leif.


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