måndag 30 juli 2012


Finished an ork Trukk for the speed build at the Wargamers' Guild. In a speed build everyone get a set time and a subject and everyone tries to finish whatever they think match the subject before the deadline.

So do you want to buy a used trukk?
This time we had two weeks to build and paint something on the subject of Trucks, so I figured this was an excellent opportunity to do the trukk I got in the Ork Battleforce I recently bought. I will let the pictures do most of the talking.

Notice all the various shades of rust on the back deck.
The instructions actually shows the driver sitting on the left hand side, which is impossible to accomplish without some serious foot surgery (like cutting them off). As can be seen on this picture there is more space on the right hand side so I decided this is a british ork trukk with the driver on the right. It seems like this is the way it should be assembled since all parts fit better this way. It's not just a matter of mirror imaged instructions since the rest of the parts shown on the right side goes on the right side, and vice versa. Confusingly enough there are locator holes for the driver's chair on both sides.

The rusted exhaust used a combination of washes, ordinary paint, textured paint and pigments.
Another shot of the back deck. Notice the little magnet in the lower right corner.
Extra bitz.
The driver, gunner, boarding planks and the stikkbomb chucka are all removable. I plan on trying to fit a missile launcher (one of the upgrades available) instead of the big shoota, and the boarding planks and stikkbombs cost extra, so I didn't want to glue these on. The gunner's turret even rotates, though the traverse is pretty limited. The driver fits pretty snug in there anyway so no need to glue him in. 

Boarding planks up...

..and down. Since they are attached with magnets they are fully movable.
Vroooom! Vrooom! Vrrroooooooom!
Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!

It sure as hell aint built for comfort!!!
If you see this you are likely to become road kill.

The lenses on the driver's goggles are made with Vallejo Water effects.
And there you have it. I wanted the trukk to be rusty and beat up, yet look brutal and functional enough. I actually left a lot of bits off, like extra armour plates, the wrecking ball and the hood ornament. Into the bitz box they go, until I need them to "orkalize" a looted vehicle or building.

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  1. One careful owner, nice work on an excellent model Leif!

  2. Very nice and inspiring.
    Have to do some work with my Ork vehicles (old versions) in the plastic mountain.



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