måndag 28 maj 2012

And now for something completely different

I've been having a couple of games of Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition which have rekindled my interest in Warhammer. At the same time as I'm revamping my dwarf army (which includes figures from 2nd edition right up to the current) I'm also enjoying a guilty side pleasure painting something very different.

'Ello Darling. Fancy a cuppa tea and biscuits?

My goal is to someday field a small Chaos Warrior army dedicated to Nurgle, the Lord of Decay.

This is one of the new chaos character figures from Games Workshop. He's labelled as a Nurgle Lord, but I will be fielding him as a hero leading one of my foot units. The figure is actually not in the dreaded Failcast resin, but in hard plastic. The parts fit together exceptionally well and the joins are cleverly hidden so there is no need to fill in any gaps. Judging by the quality of this figure I think Games Workshop should just do plastic figures from now on.

Now imagine him in a mankini.
Colours used:

  • Flesh: Wargames Foundry Flesh (three shades) and GW Ogryn Flesh wash.
  • Rags of clothing: Wargames Foundry Rawhide (three shades)
  • Straps: Wargames Foundry Drab (three shades).
  • Metal Areas: Coat d'arms Rust, Vallejo Gun Metal, GW Solar Macharius Orange.
  • Bone and skulls: Games Workshop Khemri Brown, Bleached Bone and Bone White.
  • Blood and Guts: Wargames Foundry Flesh shade, Vallejo Bloody Red and GW Gryphonne Sepia.
  • Base: GW Calthan Brown, Khemri Brown and Bleached Bone.
  • Axe handle: GW Khemri Brown, Wargames Foundry Slate Grey (light)

The figure was painted mostly with Wargames Foundry colours in the conventional three layer method, but I did some extra blending on the flesh areas so there are more than three distinct layers. I also utilised some GW washes here and there. The rust effect on the armour and weapon is done by basecoating all metal with Coat d'Arms Rust (a beautiful red-brown colour), drybrushing with Vallejo Gun Metal and then stippling GW Solar Macharius Orange semi-randomly. I went back with the darker Rust again to correct areas where I felt the metal or orange colours were too prominent.

Note: Due to Games Workshop being daft gits, they have replaced all their colours so you can't get the ones listed any more.

5 kommentarer:

  1. ooooo Nice....very nice Leif!

  2. That is beautiful and I need one now! Brilliant!

    1. In that case, buy one today, as GW will be raising their prices on friday...

  3. Reaaly nice, and I'm glad you have seen the light, and specify all colours used. Excellent rust.
    Yes, GW have really messed up regarding their paints...

    1. I usually do list the paints used, but this time I formatted the information like you do. It's a bit clearer, I think.


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