torsdag 29 mars 2012

If you build it they will come.

Hi gang. Just a brief update, because to be honest, I have nothing to show.

From time to time I get stuck in a rut. I tire of painting and just keep building stuff. When I have completed building whatever I was working on, I start something new instead of finishing the project with a lick of paint. It's also at this time I go mad and buy a lot of stuff in a feeble attempt to fool myself that I'm not avoiding the issue.

"Oh I can't paint the Viking Bondi, I need a couple of figures to finish the unit first."

"I better get some opponents for the vikings so I can test the Saga rules. So there's no hurry painting them now."

"I have based my Welsh/Mordor orcs, but I don't have any dice yet."

Do you see the pattern yet? So, when I finally had a four-point Viking warband assembled and some proxy orcs as opponents and the dice for both sides arrived, I got painting. Right? Nooooooope. At least I tried out the game? Nooooooope.

"Ooh, dice. I need some fatigue markers."

Instead I started to assemble a lot of 40k orcs and organizing them into units. And I ordered the last pack of Welsh dice on earth (must have more dice) along with a pack of casualties to use as fatigue markers. Now I'm eyeing the Warbases Casualty markers to use as bases for the figures. So no need to paint the casualty figures either, until the bases arrives.

I thought about continuing to paint the LRDG vehicles I have been working on, but I ended up buildiong a Zvezda 20mm flak38 gun instead. The little fella had sat in it's box for a while now, maybe it felt neglected so it was just something that had to be done.

Then I started to worry, maybe I had to paint something after all? Something! Oh, look, the PSC Panzer IV I built a while ago, I can paint that? Yes... wait, I have to order some turned aluminium barrels to get the correct ausf. F2 look, off to order them, and uhm... I can't paint it until the barrels arrive. Success!!!

I just bought the old Airfix set of RAF refuelling vehicles that will be posing as italian trucks and used as targets for the LRDG. Maybe I will build them and do a review on the blog, hm... anything to put off painting.

3 kommentarer:

  1. It's a disease we have as wargamers, I will sell models just to buy more models just to convince myself I'm need to paint them!

  2. Weaklings! All that is needed is dedication, self control and a laser-like focus on...oh, shiny! Must have!

    1. It's not as much as the oooh-shiny syndrome, that makes me start up new periods and projects, and that's an entire different matter. It's the fact that I think building stuff is more fun than painting them! And some periods I just don't paint anything, but build loads of stuff.

      Still, self control and laser-like focus seem like useful stuff...


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