måndag 4 mars 2019

Assembling an invasion force.

Six weeks to go, and it's time to put a dent in the pile of shame. For this year's convention game we are doing Holland 1940 with lots of dastardly German fallschirmjäger raining down on the happless Dutch defenders. I actually had more than a platoon of German paratroopers bought about 20 years ago; a mix of Wargames Foundry and Crusader miniatures. About a squad were painted and another squad and a half basecoated and in various stages of completion. Unfortunately all were based on standard Games Workshop bases which I have since abandondoned for historical games. So rebaseing were in order.

Oh the joys of rebasing. At the same time I fitted the figures on to team bases from Sarissa.

I dabbled a bit with Test of Honour last year and fell in love with their round three's-a-crowd movement trays used to denote a group of Ashigaru. When I saw that Sarissa was doing a base pack for Test of Courage (the ancient Greece reskin of Tesf of Honour) I ordered a pack with the aim of using them for my Fallschirmjäger. In participation games it is sometimes confusing for the players what figures are manning the machine gun and what figures can shoot their rifles. This will be an easy way of  that. They are also useful for various three-man teams like engineers and flamethrowers. The black bases above are acrylic that I bought from eBay that also has some team bases for prone figures. Sadly the seller seems to have stopped selling them.

Time to to do a headcount. Missing a rifleman from the back row. The multiple bases work fine for MG teams.
The acrylic bases, Renedra bases and Warlord bases I use are all 25mm so are interchangeable. However, the Sarissa bases seems to be an inch (or 25.4 mm) so I can fit the other bases in the Sarissa trays, but the Sarissa bases will not fit into the acrylic trays... hopefully there won't be an issue.

Support teams also work well with the multi trays, although the extra crew figures have to loiter outside the tray.

When you texture the tray the effect is convincing I think. Just needs some grass tufts.

Some test figures on the painting table. I will put up a painting guide in the next blogg post.

Happy Gaming!

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  1. Early war Fallschirmjäger are certainly a useful platoon to have, but they miss out on all the fun toys of late war Fallschirmjäger!

    Multi bases are certainly a good way to go for crew served weapons, although I have sometimes just based the figures and the gun all together and not worried about removing individuals.


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